Sassinoro, nestled among the Campania hills, is a magical place where agricultural tradition is intertwined with the natural beauty of the area. This small community, located on the northern border of Campania, is famous for the production of one of the most prized ingredients in the world: saffron.

Sassinoro is located on the northern border of Campania, surrounded by Morcone and Sepino.

Strategic Geographic Position

This unique geographical position, on the border with Molise, offers a favorable microclimate that contributes to the production of high quality saffron . Climate variations and hilly terrain provide ideal conditions for the growth of this precious spice.

Local biodiversity

The rich biodiversity of the Sassinoro area favors the sustainable production of saffron . The presence of natural areas, lakes and a wide range of plants offers a balanced environment for the development of the saffron flower.

Environmental sustainability

Our saffron production is guided by eco-sustainable agricultural practices , reducing environmental impact and promoting the conservation of natural resources.