Saffron processing is a meticulous and artisanal process that requires care, precision and dedication. Here are the main phases involved in the production of saffron:

Sowing and Careful Care

Saffron bulbs are hand-planted with attention and care in soil selected for their unique qualities. We know every corner of the fields and know exactly where and how to plant the bulbs to get the best result.

Harvest at dawn

The saffron harvest is a magical moment. At dawn, when the flowers are fully open, we dive into the fields to pick the flowers by hand . Each flower is picked individually with the utmost care, preserving the precious stigmas within them .

Slow drying

After harvesting, the saffron stigmas are slowly dried. We constantly monitor the process, turning the stigmas over and over to ensure perfect drying . This phase requires time, attention and patience.

Our saffron is the result of expert hands and meticulous craftsmanship that pays homage to the beauty of nature and the richness of local tradition.