Who we are

We are Pasquale and Giovanna and we live in Sassinoro, a small village on the slopes of the Matese, where we built our family and our company growing pure saffron in stigmas . Our saffron is born at 750 meters above sea level, in the Matese Regional Park , a place with uncontaminated nature and crystal clear waters, an ideal place for the cultivation of this precious spice which here feeds only on excellent soil and clean air.

Zafferano del Matese is our project , it is an act of love and trust towards our land, which has always been dedicated to agriculture, which repays us, year after year, with a fine product, immediately qualified as category 1.

Its colouring, bittering and fragrant power make it a product of the highest level, capable of giving dishes the right character and due elegance and making it an essential element in the kitchen of those who want to combine the desire for modernity with references to traditional cuisine.

The versatility of this spice has pushed us to create various high quality saffron products and there are many other projects and ideas for the near future.

Initiatives and Events

Our saffron events are an extraordinary experience that celebrates not only the extraordinary flavor of this prized spice, but also its many health benefits.

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