“You always come back home, when you have love and passion.”

Who I Am

I come back home from the US when I was 33, the country I was born in and where I began to cultivate my dream. My Saffron borns at 750 above sea level in Sassinoro, inside Matese Regional Park, in an uncontaminated territory, far from the big cities, where nature still marks in time. The Saffron which I have been cultivating from many years, with passion and without the use of chemicals, is producted by the nost accurate selection of bulbs to plant, following all the phases of maturation. The harvest is worked strictly by hands, with a meticulous care, for the full respect of tradition, and so we have a special and unique product, as unique as heart and love who generated it. There is nothing else to add, because Matese’s Saffron is naturally simple, as it must be, and exactly for this reason, special.

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Our product

Sassinoro is the place of origin, 750mt above sea level in the Matese regional park. Zafferano del Matese was born in an uncontaminated territory, far from the smog of the big cities to guarantee authenticity and absolute quality. Grown without the use of chemicals, starting from a careful selection of the bulbs to be planted. Saffron from Matese is a 100% natural product like the earth that hosts it and generates it. Our product, carefully worked by hand, is available in the following weights:






Instructions for Use

Use 0.15 grams of pistils for 4 portions